The Best Yoga Pants Videos Of All-Time

Welcome to the definitive list of the hottest yoga pants videos of all-time. Prepare to spend a substantial amount of time staring at your screen. If you can think of one we’re missing and need to include, email us or leave a comment with a link. Let us begin. In no particular order…

Russian GIYP workout video

Starting things off right with this video that’s been viewed nearly 800,000 times, we’re pretty confident that this ass is going to pass a million no problem.

Big booty twerking at a college party

A 13-second blast of big booty.

Booty shaking from Vine

Before the original Vine was deleted, it was looped over 5 million times. 1 million were from me.

Written by C. Munson

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Bent over in slightly see-through yoga pants


GIYP with a nice ass in the bleachers